Titus @ 15 months

 In Titus Low

Yeah! Now he is walking everywhere that we worry he may bang his head. Well as the saying goes, no pain no gain.

This photo just brought back memories. Many months ago, he was lying on it and we were trying to encourage him to sit up…

U cushion

His first mid autumn festival and he had 3 lanterns. 😛

Mid Autumn Festival

His favourite vehicle, car, train, motorcycle, anything with wheels on it.


Worker Suit.

Worker Suit

His ride and signature smile now. 🙂

Ride & Signature Smile

Selfie with Mummy again.

Selfie with Mummy

Still looked so cute despite being cheeky and got a beating from mummy.

Crying Titus

Posing for photo.

Posing Titus

I am getting the hang of this, I got this!

Horse Ride

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