Titus @ 11 months

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Now I can say time flies. My baby is now growing up and is going to be a toddler soon. He is like a worm wriggling here and there non stop. Also, for the first time, we brought him out to attend my cousin’s wedding.

The inquisitive Titus.

Inquisitive Titus

His first piggy back ride, though he is very happy, I am not sure about the Daddy.

Piggy Back Titus

My first ride with Yeye.

First Ride Titus

Learning to climb with the help from Daddy and motived by a ball. 🙂

Climbing Titus

New clothing so mummy says have to take photo again. 🙂

New Clothing Titus

The theme of BLUE…

Theme Blue Titus

Taking the colour ball lesson with Raelyn in a playpen. 🙂

Titus with Raelyn

Photo with the Bride.

Bride & Titus

Our Family Photo.

Our Family Photo

Wai Po with Titus. 🙂

Wai Po with Titus

My cousin’s wedding on 28th May 2016 at Jurong Genting.

Photo Booth

Hmm, still short of 1 daddy. :p

Photo Booth

Our table.

Our table

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