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I finally had a chance to try on the rental bike since there is a parking station just besides my block. So what excuse do I have for not exercising now? I did a review to see that currently there are 3 companies – oBike, ofo and Mobike. Thought the review seems to say Mobike is a better bike to ride but a quick look at the bikes available at my parking lots tell me I will go for oBike instead just simply due to the number of bikes that are available.

1st Ride

I had a ride to and back from my house to AMK hub and back. Initially, the bike I rode on had a basket which make it convenience for me but I find it a bit silly in the sense that there are no parking lots available at AMK hub. So I had to cycle pass AMK hub and to the MRT to park and walked back to AMK hub. I also quickly realise why people are parking illegally outside AMK hub.

2nd Ride

Also, on my second ride back, I also realise it took me 12 mins, less then the 15 mins which render my ride free. That might also suggest why people stopped and parked illegally since going any further might “clocked in” on the timing and therefore chargeable? Anyway, I will cycle more to give myself more reasons to exercise and test out on the system.

Happy riding for the rest of you who like cycling.. The cycling industry has definitely changed a lot over the years from big heavy bikes to foldable light ones and now this… Hmm, I should watch and see what’s next… 🙂


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