Grief Recovery Method (GRM)

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Loss of hope, coping with grief is sadly all part and parcel of life. However, what happened when it occur when you least expected it and having to deal with it and the regrets that you might have to live with it later? What is the unspoken communication that you wanted to talk about or things that you wanted to do however now unable to do it already? I was glad that I was being introduced to this program and I attended it recently.

It consists of 4 sessions, each session is 3.5 hours where we understands the different part of grief, the myths, the wrong doings, what to say or not to say. It was a structured program however initially I was skeptical too, how can a topic to deal with heart even be structure at all? I was wrong and in some way it can be and apparently someone has created a program on it. So imagine with me, if you want to learn a new language or a new skill, what do you do? Attend a course for it? So if you want to learn how to cope with your grief, what do you do? If you have a deep cut on your leg, do you stop the bleeding quickly or let it take time to heal? Sounds easy? Thought is not as straight forward as it is, however, the truth is you have to want to take the 1 step out first.

I did, and my 1 word for this course is I am “liberated” and for that I am thankful that it came right on time as I needed it. How about you? Read more on their Facebook…

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P.S I am not getting paid for this, just want to spread the words… :p


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