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It had been more than a month since I didn’t write anything? Nothing to write, too busy? Not exactly, is more like I am trying to figure out what to do next. I wanted to revamp, yet still working on the draft and changes. I wanted to write a post yet I do know that if I go through with the revamp, I had to stop blogging for a while before the launch. Still with all this in my mind, I end up with no action done and no posts.

So what happen lately, busy with work and my son. Life has indeed become busier but more fruitful. You know why you are busy or distracted with, you know why you put down the handphone to look at something more worthy of your attention. Everything revolve around him then again, should it be the case? That is where you re-look at things differently again, think twice for that bag again and etc.

It started with yesterday, I only slept at 2.30am and woke up at 7am. I got myself out of bed unwillingly but look forward to seeing my son. My afternoon is packed with 3 back to back meetings and thinking if I should go for the prayer meeting last night since I didn’t sleep well. Then 2 ladies came knocking at my door asking, “Do you know why we have diseases? Want to find out more?” Later they shared that they were from the church and I told them I am Christian too. So they left but leaving behind a magazine to read.

Just as I sat down a client called me saying I made a mistake in printing one of her staff business card by the name “Dominic”. This made my heart skip a beat, not because of the error but because of the name, it is my first angel baby name, “Dominic”. After I got off the phone trying to catch my breathe, the radio plays a familiar tune, a song that I dedicated to my twin. Seeing all this, I know it is no coincidence and I had to go for the church prayer later in the evening.

I set off early not to be late and my name was being heard from a distance away, my pastor asked me to help out in serving with the offering bags which I had no concern at all. Getting back into my seat I sat there wondering when is the offering being made, after so many years, it came so naturally to me that I didn’t even realise when is it being made. As I stpod there worshipping, I suddenly caught a revelation from God.

I had been attending church for about 4 years now, but the number of times I went forward to altar call was less than 10 times. Not to mention that I would go up the stage to share a testimonial, so does that make me an introvert? Yet, I took the stage to share as a speaker about my story to share, was it my strength or God’s strength. I was overwhelmed. Indeed, God is good and I can do all things through God who gave me strength.

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