It’s has been 7 years already…

 In Miscarriage

过着过着已经7年了。一想起你眼泪还是会落下。It is never easy but we lived through each and every day, bit by bit.

Your younger brother is now 3 years old already, that’s where he wanted companion the most. And there’s where I feel I can’t filled that void fully. He is growing up strong and healthy, helped us to be better parents reminding us daily, how we can train him to be resilience, grit, patient and compassion for others.

Our journey without you will never be the same, neither will we ever forget. Helped us to learn the lesson well to treasure each and every day with all our hearts and souls, not leaving anything to regret. We will learn to be better person, more sensitive to others’ losses and sufferings, to slow down in the little things in life and not rush through. After all, we only live life once and we can’t do it again.

Let’s us better appreciate every person that comes through our lives, learning from what each day can brings, experiencing lives to the fullest…

Just as we go to pray for you later today, we celebrate life in another way… right at our door step, how interesting. Life is as such, isn’t it?

2 versions of the song when both me and Titus can’t decide which is better, so we placed both here. Hope you enjoy, dedicated to you today…

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