Circuit Breaker (CB)

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On this day as I write, we are in Circuit Breaker (CB) mode. I resist writing at this time, because I didn’t want to add oil to the fire. However, why am I writing it down now is because I want to remember this memorable period such that what is our attitude towards life when everything is no longer important. Like getting that year end bonus is no longer important because you might not even have a job by then. Like climbing up the corporate ladder to get that promotion as you strived hard for it working day and night, timelessly.

So at the end of the day, what is most important to you? As you worked from home (WFH), a new routine for everyone where everyone is fighting for that laptop, desktop or even table top space. A new term came out – Home Based Learning (HBL), a term much dreaded by parents or the students? Parents constantly having to monitor their children on the HBL, on top of their own work. Children frustrated over the endless homework and the bandwidth that is pausing on and off making it hard to keep focus.

So what is my point here? When everything has passed, what is the 1 fond memories that you want to take away? Is it the meal that everyone enjoyed because now everyone get to sit down together putting away their devices since they have been at it all day for various reasons. Is it the games, movies that as a family you sit down to play or watch with? You laughed as you pitch your skills against one another, grateful that your mum finally gets to sit down with you to play? Or the movie that you always wanted to catch but no one wants to see with you?

Circuit Breaker

What has this covid-19 taught us that we have yet still learn from it? What is it that is still not clear to you now when everything is on standstill? Something for a thought…

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