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What is your attitude even after a bad day? I woke up in the morning realising an appointment has been cancelled for the morning. Then just before I stepped out, my friend texted me to say the appointment can go on if I am ok with. Feeling delighted, I got changed and set on my day. However, half way into my day, I realise I lost my water bottle, I didn’t even know when or how I lost it. I still have another appointment to go for in the evening, I knew I had to lift myself up for it and marched on… Despite it is just a water bottle, I was sad that I lost it as it was a relatively new water bottle and I had a hard time searching for the right size to fit my handbag. Sigh… Now is time to hunt for another one again…

I think in life, sometimes, things just don’t go your way, in fact, what will go wrong all went wrong, what matter is how is your attitude at the end of the day to look at it positive and still marched on…

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