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Life always has its own twists and turns and sometimes it is for something better. A lady reached out to me on Facebook Messenger after she saw my story On The Red Dot. I think most mums can relate to my story and more so if they had a tough time getting pregnant as well. Anyway, her message was simple to do what she can do best and that is to sponsor her products to me as gifts. I was touched, very touched indeed. You can imagine I went through her Facebook and website that night clicking inside out viewing through all the products.

I didn’t want to take advantage of it as well asking if there is any specific range of products to choose from, however, she was kind and generous, there isn’t any set limit or amount to it. I communicate further with her and selected my chosen locket, then the wait…Finally, I get to receive my 3 glass locket keychains today. A big thanks once again! Much appreciated for the kind gesture.

In return, I am also giving them 5 copies of my second book – Lost And Found as they too had mums coming to them for the lost babies. Hopefully, the books can help their customers 1 way or another…

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