Yakult Tour – 10th Jan 2018

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Thanks to Supreme Parents that we went for the Yakult Tour, despite it was free but we needed at least 25 people to go. Just to go for the tour was a bit challenging as it was from 2pm to 3.30pm only, no other timing and it is suppose to be Titus daily nap timing. So I was wondering how can I drag his nap timing or to bring it forward, that assuming it happened according to what I plan for.

Not to mention initially my hubby can go with me but a week ago he said he can’t as his boss scheduled him a meeting on that afternoon, such disappointment. Then again, just 2 days earlier, he said the customer changed the appointment date and therefore he can go again. So we met him at Causeway Point to have our lunch and ideally Titus can doze off in the car and still slept through on my arms while I ate. All this went as planned and we walked around shortly with him still in my arms sleeping till he woke up after sleeping for about an hour and we were about to set off to the Yakult factory as well.

Daddy trying to take selfie while I was listening to the presentation… :p

A group selfie before we proceed for the factory tour. 🙂

Starting with the first stop is a 10 minutes presentation, thanks to the thoughtful speaker, the complimentary Yakult is already placed at the table for the kids to enjoy while we, parents listen to the presentation. Thereafter is a 12 minutes cartoon which for some time, the whole room is silence even with children, rare moment! Next we walked around and begin our tour at the Yakult factory, not forgetting to buy some before heading home.

All went well and my little toddler doze off again in the car and for the next 2 hours again. Oops! :p

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