Falling In Love Again…

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I am falling in love again, this time is with my baby Titus. I have always heard of people saying their child is their boyfriend or girlfriend but can’t quite comprehend until lately. I loved kids a lot but I realise the effect of a baby who can’t even talk or smile much but cry more than anything else can make my parents in law laugh so heartily. Yesterday after I had showered baby for the x number of times. Looking at him, I suddenly realise this adorable chubby baby is my son. More than anything, I am a mother. I am in love with this little guy that I called my son.

He is growing up fast, now he can laugh out loud, sit with support and constantly wants to be carry. Though we are still training hard to teach him how to flip and even try to crawl when the time comes. My maid saw me eating the oats muffins made by my hubby’s cousin as a milk booster. She made a comment yesterday saying everything I ate was all for the baby, I take that as a compliment. Indeed, we had come a long way, in fact the journey ahead is even longer. We are blessed!

Mummy and I, hmm, this is a playground not a… :p

Drooling Titus

Daddy and I with matching clothing?

Matching Titus

Checking out my toy in a new perspective while sitting down on a new chair

Titus sitting

Mummy bringing me downstairs to buy lunch. Yeah!! 🙂

Chubby Titus

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