In Titus Low

I think breastfeeding is such an art. I was discharged on thursday, did 2 pumps in the day and slept through the whole night. On friday, I wasn’t starting my pump diligently too as well. So by early morning of saturday, I was feeling the horrible pain already – ENGORGEMENT!! Therefore obviously as you have guessed, I was kept awake and was using hot towel to massage for the whole hour. Also, desperately trying to pump to offload the pain. Despite the pain managed to subside a little, however I knew that the ducts were still very blocked. So at around 8am in the morning, I messaged my masseuse lady asking her to come in earlier instead of following monday to help me with the breast massage. Thankfully, she was able to make it and help me. So now officially, I am a mooing cow now… 🙂

I managed to take some photos of our baby while he was doing his bottle feed.

The blur look after a bottle feed.

Blur Titus

Checking out the surrounding before sleep.

Curious Titus

The contented smile during his sleep.

Smiley Titus

Finally dozing off to dream land…

Sleepy Titus

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  • Pei Chin

    Hi Felicia,

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Titus! He is adorable. I am so glad that God has finally filled your arms with the desires of your heart. Titus is so so precious. May the Lord bless Titus, and may Titus be a blessing to the family and more!

    God Bless, Pei Chin

  • Gina

    Dear Felicia

    Congratulations and enjoy your motherhood. Titus is so cute.
    Thanks for your never give up heart, God do see it and bless you and your family with little Titus.

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