Amazing Connection…

 In To Baby With Love

It is how strange we humans connected nowasdays. I was chatting to a stranger whom I just got her hanphone number minutes ago last friday. Guess how long I chatted with her? About 4 hours over WhatsApp. Impressive? It was made possible after my gynae passed my book to one of his patients. The lady sms me and we connected, later she passed my contact to another of her friend. That was how it rolled. The results? I knew 4 new friends now. It is nice as it was one of my aim for this book to gather more people like me to give each other support. To encourage one another as only people in the process will know that it is not an easy one. Also given the fact not a lot of our friends go through or understand it, so your friends can’t support you the way these people can. I am truly blessed…

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