All I Want For Christmas

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A very special day today as it is my baby Titus 6 months old. Also, I went for my church christmas presentation just now entitled “All I Want For Christmas”. I must say they pay a lot to details. They had the backdrop setup as a kitchen with the tap in the sink really flowing with water. Also, they renact the scene of Jesus being born in a manager with a real baby carrying in their arms. This musical presentation talked about a typical family with their wants and desires. However, deep down in your heart, what is it that you really wants this christmas?

Likewise, for 2 years running, they used children choir in their presentation, not sure it is another coincidence or a delibrate move. I can almost imagine my son being involved in years to come. As I recalled last year when I watch the christmas presentation with my hubby, I only just found out that I was pregnant, now my baby is already 6 months old. “How times fly”, that is what everyone said to me now when they saw my baby. Interestingly also now people who wants to meet me expected me to turn up with my baby too. 🙂

All I Want For Christmas

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