A Childless Mother (ACM) Private Screening

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I was glad that I had a chance to see this first thanks to the Director – Zoe Fan for inviting me. Likewise to be able to share my story is really unthinkable when I recall why I started writing my first book. I just wanted it to be a memory for myself and how it had spiral down to encourage, motivate or even create awareness for the next generation. To think that I am able to help pass something down to the next generation to start family planning early is amazing. Often we wanted to live up to what the society’s expectation of us, to get a degree, a career then a family. However, we often neglect our health and body in the process and also the biological clock that worked against us each year we delay. Until we reach a point where we think we are financial sound, at a certain height of our career before we started planning. The next thing we realise is we probably can’t conceive naturally, then we are forced to turn to medical treatment and technology and in the process draining our financials that we built up for. After realising all this, we in turn started slowing down our pace, quitting our jobs to let our body rest and hope that by doing all it helped. For some people, it means they had to spend years and thousand of dollars on a monthly basis just so to make it work. So at the end of the day, are we doing good to ourselves or bringing harm to ourselves. It is definitely worth thinking it through…

A Childless Mother (ACM) Private Screening

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