A Childless Mother (ACM)

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I was being approached by the director while they were making this film some time back. Apparently, they got hold of my books from someone. They were trying to do a film but having problems, after reading my books, they were able to grasp how we felt and an insights into what we are thinking about. Interesting. I definitly won’t be wondering about such thing during my poly times. On 1 hand, I admired the director on doing such a film, however, I wonder why such a topic for them at their age. I am glad that they are trying to raise awareness and the effort in doing so.

Anyway, here is their trailer…

A Childless Mother – Trailer from A Childless Mother on Vimeo.


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  • Valerie Lim

    Very powerful trailer! Wonderful how you are so generous and courageous in sharing your story! I really admire you.

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