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Finally, another publicity on my book is out. So happy about it. After writing the book, I realise so many people have suffered silently and my book provided some comfort for them. Even thankfully that some people also left comments on my blog to tell me about it. Hope we can all have the happy ending that we wish for…

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  • Lux

    Hi, I have had 3 miscarriages before losing 4 babies in total and manage to give birth to a little girl in May with God grace!

    I was wondering if you have thought abt seeing a high risk gynae. I highly recommend Dr Mahesh from NUH or from his private practice.

    My case was perhaps not identical with yours as you are mid term losses but I do think he will be able to assist.

    You will have your time! Keep the faith!

  • Felicia

    Thanks Lux, I am seeing him now… Hope to have good news soon. We should see…

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