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I am sure everyone heard about Ray Ban Sunglasses if you like wearing sunglasses. I started wearing sunglasses when I was young, I definitely got this habits from my mum who like wearing sunglasses too. Whenever I am driving or am outdoor, sunglasses is something I need. My hubby always like to say that I have a low threshold for light. I will rather say that I am protecting my eyes from the strong sunlight or to put in correctly is the Ultra Violet (UV) protection.

Well there is definitely a good reason to protect my eyes given the fact that I am not wearing spectacles to begin with. In fact, most of my family members don’t wear spectacles which we have good genes to attribute that for. However, not taking it for granted, we still need to protect and maintain it, isn’t it? So I do see the point to invest in a good pair of sunglasses and also a sporty one.

Ray Ban definitely make the mark, I first came across this brand with their whole range of sporty look attracted me and stand out the most. And with their unique colour lens, it definitely stand out the most which is what attracted me as well. Unlike the usual dark or black sunglasses, it is getting boring but now with colour lens. It added a personal touch that you can choose the colour you like or to go according to the clothing that you have.

Ray Ban sunglasses

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