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Motherhood is really a 24/7 job. Sadly as I wrote this, my fourth maid just left.. Not sure if we are down on our luck or is God testing us. The first maid after the previous end her 2 years contract, she came and left in 1 month.. Reason being her daughter was critically ill and hospitalised. Being a mum myself, I decide to send her back to be with her daughter…

The second maid came and worked for about 4 months, in fact, my son like her since day 1, however, she had conflicts with my mother-in-law and she dealt with it in a wrong way. She actually called the Myanmar agency to say she wanted to quit. Therefore, we had to let her go despite I wasn’t willing to. My mother-in-law wasn’t happy with her as she is a very slow worker and not to mention my MIL the exact opposite. A big concern that my MIL can’t stand it. Likewise, my hubby had some issues with her too, so 2 out of 3 votes, we decide to let her go as I didn’t want to be pragmatic and insist on my way to keep her. On hind side, I should have insist on keeping her since my son is happy with her and that is the main priority with hiring the maid.

Then we had the third maid, we are quite done by now hoping that this one is the one that can stay on. Unfortunately on day 1 when she came in, I knew she wasn’t a good fit. She can’t put on the diaper for my son, likewise, I can tell from the way she handle, she can’t take care of children. She is good at house chores, however, that is our second priority. My son didn’t quite feel comfortable with her, so were we feeling unease to leave her alone to handle my son. By 1 week time, we decide she had to go and so she was being let go again in 1 month time after the next maid arrived.

So, my fourth maid came, we were pleased with her, she is a very assuring person which helped to calm my son down as he is quite insecure. Everything went well till she decide to drop the bombshell. She just came over to me on last Tuesday and said she wanted to go back Myanmar. No reason gave, everything I asked, she just said, she don’t know. Why you want to leave, don’t know, what went wrong, don’t know, did I not treat you well, don’t know too. Then the silence protest, she didn’t eat or drink the night and likewise the following morning. So is a endurance test to see who gives in first, she is just determine to leave, so we had to send her back that morning. Even at the agency, she gave some crappy reason that she didn’t eat or sleep well that even my agency don’t believe. Anyway, we left her at agency and went on to choose the next maid.

We decided that we are quite done with Myanmar maid and choose a Filipino maid this time. Subsequently my agency asked her to say the truth else she is not going anyway since she is still on loan with the agency, they can just transfer her to another employer instead of sending her back. So she had to speak the truth and said that it was due to boyfriend problem, that’s why she wanted to go back almost immediately.

So now we had no maid and it will take 6 to 8 weeks before the new one arrived. On 1 point, it is good as obviously we had more bonding time with my son. Likewise, the teachers feedback that he needed to be more independent because he always need help. I guess, it is also due to the fact that he always have help on hand, so now I can train him to be more independent during this period. Not to mention, the whole household except me can feed my son. Yes, you heard me correctly, no one can feed him except me, so is a time for them to learn what it meant really by taking care of his needs and not by just the mere saying and “eyeballing” only.

Anyway, last but not least, I believe we will grow stronger from every episode. Amen!

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