Women Inspiring Women #36

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I had the privilege to listen to Ms Siow Lee Khoon talk yesterday and I was so comforted and in awe with her spirits, her enthusiasm in life. However, things wasn’t the case 28 years ago when she was being robbed of her beauty right at her prime age of 23 years old. Her son was 4 years old back then, it is even hard to imagine what she was going through back then.

Now having walked away with numerous operations, she too had walked out of the terrible ordeal. Of the 3 men that she spoke of which treated her badly. 2 had already passed away and to the last man standing, she just wanted to tell him, “God loves you”. Where can you find such a person who can really say I forgive and even to talk about love? I can only say, I have full admiration and respect to her. Kudos!


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