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Last night I attended this talk which I am glad that I made it. I think often it is a choice that we made consciously that resulted in the outcome today. Reason being, there is another event which I could go but I chose to go for this talk.

Marriage may seems far away for me, but I was reminded why did we make the commitment and to say our marriage vows. Likewise, it is also an ongoing challenge that we stay committed to one another despite of any obstacles that may come along. Having said that, Joelle made the decision to “Sign her life away” as what she said despite knowing that her hubby is a stroke survivor and may get dementia in years to come. What gave her the courage, the motivation, love and strength to do so.

As what she quoted, “True love will finds you and when it does, you will have grace and compassion. Likewise it will change you.“.
Not only that, she also believe that, “There is second chance in life.“.  So to our my single friends out there, you are not alone and you are always being loved. Hugs!

Posing with the speaker before she started her talk.
Posing with the speaker.

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