Who is the Most Noble Person?

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People say mother is the most noble person. Think again, what make them the case? Aren’t inventors, scientists, doctors who saved million of people just as noble. What is the difference? The main difference is inventors, scientists and doctors do what they do best, using their skills to help improve the condition of life and humanity. So what about a mother’s role? Starting from pregnany stage, she has to do what she does not like and not do what she like. Sounds confusing? Yes, I agree totally.

She can’t eat the food that she wants to or at least not freely. She have to rest early not for the sake of herself but for the unborn child. Not for a day or two but for 40 weeks. Sound easy, not exactly. What can be more worse? Yes, that is more, if she is given the order of bedrest. What’s that, you may ask. To rest on bed as much as possible, as long as possible. For weeks or even months. All for the sake of 1 unborn child. However, the mum will willingly do so. Giving away all freedom, life and 1 single soul. So much effort just for 1 life? Yes, you hear me correctly.

However, if you ask them if it is worth it. I am sure their answer is all the same. It is worth it!

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