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If you are wondering what have I been up to lately. 2 words discuss it all – Bed rest. Yes, since I have been discharged last friday. My main and only focus is bed rest. What is my daily task like and how did I do it. Here is the schedule.

8.00am – Wake up, brush teeth, breakfast and check emails
9.00am – Bed rest, surf net
11.30am – Lunch time and clear some work stuffs if there is
12.30pm – Bed rest, surf net
2.30pm – Tea break, watsapps with friends on each other update, read a book or watch tv
3.30pm – Bed rest, surf net
5.30pm – As you might have guessed it, is my dinner time followed by shower
7.00pm onwards lie on bed again

How about my hubby on the other hand. Now everyday after he knocked off he has to figure out what to buy to feed his hungry wife for supper and breakfast for the next day. I guess we will be on this routine till at least december. All this in the hope of starting our new lives together. Wish me good luck till then. 🙂

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