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My hubby say I should still change to a smaller bicycle given my “tall” build. So the question now is which bicycle? A quick comparison.

Tyrell FX                     Louis Garneau 
8.9kgs                             9.2kgs
Customisable Colour     White, Blue & Ocean Blue (See below)
Flat Bar                          Drop Bar
Foldable                         Not Foldable

In terms of look and feel, they are definitly different and of 2 extreme price tag… What I like about Tyrell is the colour is customisable, the colour contrast on the circle tingy. However, I will prefer a bigger wheel set which Louis provided and it seems a more comfy ride… So hard a decision.

Tyrell FX (Foldable)

Tyrell FX

Louis Garneau MV 3R

Louis Garneau MV 3R

Another contenter? Fuji Origami 1.0

Fuji Origami 1.0

Polygon Helios JR 200

Polygon Helios JR 200

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  • Ang

    1 more choice:

    China brand, Designed in Italy.

    Saw 1 guy riding it last nite. Chat up w/ him to find out.

  • Ang

    The tyrell will be faster but the LG will be easier to ride, given the difference in the size of their chainrings.

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