New Year Resolution?

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Every year end I like to ask myself this question. What have I done this year, can it be better, can I improve? However this year, I drag to ask myself this. I knew I have more losses to count for, had I done better will it change things? I do not know and will never know. As I seen people reaching their destination or people who are still in their pregnancy journey. I feel happy for them but I know I just have to restart all over again. I just have to tell myself the coming year will be a better year. I will get well, recover and build my health back for the future plans to come. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

Just bought these 2 paper weights to remind myself to stay positive and I am in good hands. I know the best is yet to come…

Paper Weight

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  • Rachel

    Not sure where I hear this from but I remember this very well life is like a graph. When things goes bad no matter how down it goes there is still a limit, ultimately the graph line have to come up. With 2012 closing, brace up the graph for you have gone rock bottom nothing will scare you more, making you stronger so from now onwards it will only goes up and up… Jia you

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