Christmas Day

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It was a busy day for me. I went to church early this morning. On thinking past, just 1 year today, I was still sad with my eldest son, Dominic. However, 1  year now today, my sister is throwing a baby shower with new born, Raelyn Ng. In the church, I was reminded by how I had spent my christmas last year, the long SMS from my sister. How things have changed and will never be the same as before. I was grateful today as well though I had my care cell friends for company. Spending time with them do make me happy and forget about the troubles. Likewise, in time to come, we will have baby Raelyn to play with…

She is definitely busy today as well, not only the parents need to entertain the guests, family and relatives. Baby Raelyn also have to change into 3 outfits to entertain me, the dad and mum. Yes, 3 outfits requested by her dad and mum.

The first one is the romper bought by me that say, “My first Christmas” with 2nd Aunt.

2nd Aunt & Raelyn

Ng New Family, hmm, is this Christmas or Chinese New Year?

New Family

One of the many faces of Raelyn


More funny faces of Raelyn, can’t get enough of her…

Sis & Raelyn

Lastly, my turn, taken so many shots, but don’t know why baby Raelyn just want to stare at me, despite we try to twist her here and there. Opps, I mean shift her… Haha 🙂

Me & Raelyn

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