Valentine Day

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How did you spend your valentine day? For me, I feel that it is a must to celebrate but to what extent is up to individual. Of course, people say that every day is a valentine day but still to me, it is a day for appreciation. To appreciate your partner, to re-assure your love again, to bring back fond memories of how you get together and etc.

So how did I celebrate then? On friday, my hubby shown me the receipt that he paid for a 1 night Ritz-Carlton stay. Therefore, here we were on 14th Feb, 2pm at Ritz-Carlton waiting to be check into a room…

L.O.V.E Package
L – Lover’s bubble bath experience for the couple
O – One-night rendezvous in a Deluxe Kallang Bay View Room
V – Valentine’s breakfast for two in Greenhouse
E – Evening glass of champagne each in Chihuly Lounge

Verdict? I went to Beaufort, Fullerton Hotel before. This view in Ritz-Carlton is nice, very nice. The city view overlooking the expressway with traffic on-going… You are sitting on a couch facing the view in the night. It is like a big moving post card. As for the room, well, I should say is ok. Fullerton is better in terms of room and interior structure though. It is more luxury and grand. What about Beaufort? I will say it is a retreat out of city, relax, simple and still classic.

Lastly, thank you my Ang.

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