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How will you spend your monday and tuesday? At work, monday blues? I took 2 days off with my hubby to spend some quality time. I mean “Quality” time together. Recently, we have been too busy even on weekends to get some renovation works done in our house. So our weekends are always burned and packed with load of works done. That’s why we took 2 days off to do some shopping since GSS is here now! Spending time together is 1 thing but to strike a balance on who to accompany whom and to do what is crucial though. You do not want your partner to complain he or she did not manage to get their things done. Or they are just accompanying you only. Likewise, I am thankful for the life and freedom that I have now. To really live the life that I wanted and enjoyed…

This means to wake up and enjoyed a nice breakfast with my hubby. Then we are off to get cabinet for my new office and to start our afternoon hunting for clothes! We did manage to get both his and my clothing after like 5 hours of walking. Think your work required so much walking in a day? Haha 😉

My hubby is preparing for coming sunday duathlon so I accompanied him to do training at Bishan Park while I read my book. Though not an active reader, I always know that I need to read far more that I required to gain some knowledge. So it is a good time for me to push myself to read and not give any excuses. After that, it is off to get some training gear for him to prepare for sunday big exercise. As for me, I get to settle some work stuffs along the way too.

However, this is only 2 days. I am striving hard to achieve this lifestyle in time to come… How about you, my friends? What is your ideal lifestyle? Share with me.

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  • Van

    huh? my ideal lifestyle is to eat, sleep and be merry ^)^….

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