Happily ever after?

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You meet with the guy or gal that you wanted to spend the life with. After much understanding and courtship, you married in front of all your family members. Is life happily ever after? Much as we hope so but sadly not all couples can do that.

In fact, it is the start of a new life together, bearing in mind that communication has to be on-going constantly. We meet new people, new things every day, it changed our perspectives, believes and etc. Not only that, it is also a union of both families, different upbringing, different living habits to make it worse. With love, it can conquer all, without it, nothing get done. Not an easy task, but a lifelong on-going task.

Challenging? I think so, after a day work to face with more challenging task at home. It does get very frustrating at times. Then on special occasion thinking that it is your day off finally but to be faced with more challenges. Whose family to go out with, whose side of family to eat out with, given the fact that different family have different food preferences. So after many years, you thought you may have master the art to stay alive and still remain married but what happen next? Our life cycle throw you to another stage, you go through menopause, your physical state changed, so does your partner. You are short temper, impatient, irritable or worse unreasonable. Now, it seems you no longer like or can tolerate your partner because you are too engrossed in yourself over what is going on, you neglect him, argue with him constantly. Life seems unbearable…

However, have you forgotten how you first fall in love, got married, have your first child? Doesn’t love suppose to stand the time test? I am confused, just what happened? Can we live and grow old happily ever after? Or is it mission impossible?

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  • 83

    i write a new blog entry based on ur topic after reading urs… no.. i don think we can live and grow old happily ever after… i am cynical..

  • van

    hmm….me not as cynical as 83 but still, i feel that “LOVE” is way too overrated and that if a marriage was just relying on LOVE, i have doubts that we can live & grow old happily ever after…..i think, a lot of times, whether something works or not (be it marriage or something else), it’s all in our bloody minds…

  • Felicia

    Whoa, I see a debate here… Haha 🙂

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