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Today is an unlucky day for me, or should I say it may be worse? I am rushing in and out delivering stuffs, only to realise there is mistake after I delivered it. This resulted in having to make another trip again next week. I got a call from my client for potential job this morning which I should be happy about, however, minutes into the conversation, I realise client is just trying to throw me a nasty photocopying job which he is relectant to handle it himself. Worse, he hang up before I can even get him to pay up for an overdue invoice. After which, I tried to follow up a printing job with my printer only to realise their office phones are down. Not only that, even their internet is down. I could have just called their salesman but I realised, I just saw his email yesterday stating he is on reservist since start of march for 3 weeks. Just my luck?? Back in office, I am trying to follow up with another yet past overdue invoice with a client only to realise their finance did not receive the invoice to start with. This means another 30 days to wait for payment. Bascially it is just trying to say whatever I am trying to get done today is just unsuccessful in any way you see it.  

This did struck me and pretty hard. 5 years in the business, I can’t say I am successful nor am I the worst of the lot. However, how to grow and expand the business is the question here. Is my abilities not good enough? Or am I not capable? Or I am just not the right person for the job? I am confused, yet I do not wish to give up. My dreams, my passion, however, the question is how to justify that 5 years of effort is not moving anywhere or much? Within 5 years, others might have already established a team to run or even go listed. Of course, for some, they might have given up or to try strike their riches elsewhere. Here I am, asking myself, should I continue or give up? What should I do? Can god or heaven give me some indication? I am confused… Troubled. Tomorrow is another day, another day to make decisions or another day to ponder over it. To stand firm to one’s decision and charge all the way?

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  • Mr Nor

    Hi. What type of business are u doing? But anyway, dont give up.

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