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I had a meet up with my ex-BNI members yesterday which is suppose to be a happy occasion to catch up and update each other. Only to realise, a guy in the group had just informed, he is back in Singapore with failed business and in debts. The obvious question to ask? What happen? With a rather obvious reason as well, someone ran away with the money…His lesson learnt, he should have stuck to his trade back 2 years ago and avoid this roller coaster ride. To persevere and ride out to the what is believe as “2009 economic downturn”.

Being all ex-BNI members in the group, we also realise the magic of BNI. Despite meeting weekly and the same old group repeating ourselves every week, in return we reminded ourselves of the goals, target, focus and the direction we set. Sounds easy? Being awake at 7 am to meet people does put your brain fresh and hype up to be motivated to work thereafter.  It may be a painful lesson if you stray off the path… Then again, is yet another choice of yours.

What I realise at the end of the day is, how successful you are as a human “being” path the way to your successful business. It is in no way by any chance or luck but rather on what choice and decision you make. Of course, chance or luck plays a part but not the main factor here. It is who you are, what decision you make to get to where you are today!

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