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Time waits for no one, before I realise, it is already coming to the end of january. I have just realised this is the first blog of 2010. Not that I did not log in but rather just to check some comments if any and go. Busy? Not really, but a lot of re-adjustment to work and stuffs. Hoping with the economy said to be recovering, more effort can be used on the servicing of clients and lesser effort on the others. Then again, before you are efficient and productive again, there is always a transition period. Sad to say, I am at this stage now, at times, frustrated unable to move. At times, things seem to be going smoothly. I am forced to take things slow and 1 at a time…

Having said that, my problems as compared to the other part of the world is insignificant. In Haiti, a simple basic life also seems out of reach. The anxiety to help your loved ones, to have a proper meal or even a resting place for the night is a luxury. Who are we to complain and to blame on things that do not happen to us. Who can they blame?

Only a portion of people strike rich or should I say earn their right status of wealth. They all have 1 thing in common, to be a better self. To always improve and upgrade yourself, the challenge is not against your colleagues, your boss, other department but yourself. How you can be better each time even at the usual routine, to reduce time and effort in completing that same job, speeding up on the same procedure and etc. Only those who choose to improve oneself at work and at rest can find success in what they seek in. It is an ever going process, you can rest, stop or give up. No one will blame or scold you, however, don’t blame others when they catch up. You are the one who choose to delay not them…  

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