A Scary Episode…

 In Lost And Found

Yesterday I was suppose to make a call for a today appointment to see my doctor. I had some swelling for a few days now and was thinking to consult a doctor in case it turned infectious. Who knows my doctor is out of town till next tuesday. So I thought I might consult another doctor in case to wait for that few days it might really turn infectious. So I called another doctor at Bishan whom we consulted him for our baby Oscar scan before. Only to realise they are fully booked for friday and saturday. Also, that doctor had a talk on saturday so he is in a hurry to leave early. So I thought I might just have to wait till tuesday.

Next I messaged one of my friend to tell her about my situation. She urged me to consult for a doctor soon in case it indeed turn hardeous saying we have too much at stake here to risk. Hearing her words, I also fear in case something serious happened. She asked me to check with my clinic again for any backup doctor if the doctor is out of town. Likewise, to check with another doctor in Kembangan since he was in the OT when I did my cervix cerclage. He should know my condition well. Wasting no time, I checked up his contact number online to try to make an appointment. Guess what. They are also on fully book on both friday and saturday. I was like why all the clinics are so full? I can’t even see a doctor now? I told them about my situation and asked to slot me in somehow. Hearing this, they reverted with me on a saturday time slot at 10am since a patient had just cancelled the appointment. Back in my mind, I thought finally, I got an appointment. At the same time, my clinic had also reverted back to me that the doctor in Kembangan is indeed the backup doctor while our doctor is out of town. She asked how I know it and to call for appointment. I said my friend told me about it and asked me to do it. Hearing this, we thought everything is set in place and since I had an appointment I just go for it when the time arrived.

However, it didn’t end here, by about 3pm or so, I realise my discharge was more than normal. It was increasingly more as time ticked. It reminded me of my previous tragedy. So unable to wait, I wanted to see a doctor immediately to make sure I had my problem checked. I made a call to the Kembangan clinic but no one picked up. So I called back our clinic only to realise most clinics are closed half a day for prayer on friday. I told her about my situation and my fear saying I can’t wait till tomorrow. I need to do something. So she say to call me back and consult someone. As she is not the usual nurse that I spoke with, the one that I spoke with or know of my situation is on leave as well. I also worried, she does not know how to handle. Likewise, I called my hubby too for advice and asked if I should go to an hospital. Lucky the nurse got back quickly asking me to come to the hospital A&E for a check. She will inform the A&E that I will be coming.

So without delay, I told my hubby I be heading to hospital and likewise he headed to the hospital directly from work. So I called out for my MIL in the living room to get ready to go hospital and she was in shock. So she asked who is coming to pick us, I said no one, we are taking a cab and will be going now. Hearing this, she also jumped into action quickly. I called for a cab under my hubby advice and they reverted with a “7740” car plate number arriving in 7 minutes. Back in my mind, I was wondering what an inauspicious number, despite I am not a superstitious person but I rather not have it at this time. Anyway, the cab did arrive soon and we hope in.

Along the expressway, the traffic was slow and jam. I thought to myself what a day, it was not even peak hours and it was already jammed just as we were trying to rush for time. It again reminded me of that fateful day, it was peak hours then and traffic was jam packed. I was in my FIL’s car and the baby was kicking still. I thought it might be an false alarm but it didn’t. So we finally reached the hospital with some delay. We handed the money quickly to the cab driver who is an old man is trying to figure how to press the buttons on his panel to pick up the tabulated cost since is a on-call cab. We got even anxious and frustrated and I told him the final cost since I had already calculated and my MIL passed him $15 bucks and said forget about the change and we quickly alight the cab.

Walking into the A&E, I told them my name and they wheeled me to a bed without delay. I was told a doctor will come and see me when she is done with another patient. Soon my hubby arrived and the doctor came and checked on me as well. I asked if it was really swollen however she replied saying the right side is just more prominent than the left that’s all. I was like huh, what do you mean more prominent means not swollen or swollen. Can’t she give me a better answer? She said she is an A&E doctor and not a gynae so it better to get my backup doctor to check on me. So I said ok and waited for my backup doctor to come instead. During the wait, I was fearful and dropped to my tears. My hubby consoled me and asked me to stay calm. He touched my stomach and asked my babies not to move so much to disturb me so I can have a good rest. Thankfully, my doctor came shortly, he took a quick check on my babies to make sure there are still heart beats and my cervix looked ok. Next he checked on my swollen area. He said internally, it wasn’t swollen so it was ok. Hearing this, I was relieved. He said it was only a concern if it was painful, itchy and foul smelling. He said there is no need for me to be warded, however I can be warded if I was still worried. I said no thanks to hospital stay and said if ok, I want to be discharged. So he completed the procedure and we were back on track to go home. What a scary episode and thankfully it was really a false alarm.

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  • Lin

    is it a v cysts? cud be due to hormonal changes? feeling better now?

  • Felicia

    No, is on the exterior not interior. Anyway, maybe is rough handling because no itchiness, pain or whatever kind. So just keep monitoring… Thanks for the concern.

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