Rabbit’s Story (Ah Fat’s Diary 小胖日记)

 In Ah Fat's Diary, Titus Low
“雨天” 某个晚上
Rabbit’s Story
He had the Maud n Lil rabbit soft toy since he was born. Being young, as you can imagine, he pulled, bite and stretch the rabbit to breaking point. Therefore, it came a moment that we had to throw away the rabbit. However, knowing he is the sentimental type, we knew we had to get him to do it.
So I told Ah Fat:
Mum: 兔子坏了要丢掉。
👦🏻: 可是Mummy, 我很喜欢它
So we went on for quite a while till Daddy decided to go for the swop option. He chose a lego toy in exchange for the “throw”.
And so the big day came when he threw his own rabbit soft toy. Then night fall came and is time for bed, “Mummy, life is boring without rabbit.” He teared… My heart broke, asking myself why did we let him throw away, now we are going to have sleepless nights for God knows when… Sigh…
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