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For the longest time, we are trying to figure how to help Titus quit the “tutu” (pacifier) habit and to throw his old rabbit soft toy (Too torn to salvage). By the way, we had a newer rabbit for him in replacement for it but he still insisted on the old rabbit. The tutu is the headache one because he was on it almost every time the minute he finished his childcare. Even in his sleep when we removed it after he was soundly asleep only resulted for him to find it, sometimes to the extent that he woke up crying for it.

So 1 day out of the blue, in fact on 17th May, my hubby walked into the Lego shop and ask him the question, “How about I buy you a box of Lego in exchange for you to throw the tutu and old rabbit away?” He said, “Ok!” without much hesitation. We were surprised!

We were in for a shock in fact, we took some time to explain to him what it meant and he understood. Then he walked around to choose his Lego. He choose a small box of Lego so my hubby gave him 1 more option another small box in exchange for the old rabbit. So it is an 1 to 1 exchange. 😛

However, eventually he decided to choose a big box of Lego instead and therefore we made our purchases and left…

Back home, we wanted him to keep his part of the bargain and got my mother in law to witness the life changing moment. We put the pacifier and old rabbit into the plastic bag and got him to throw into the dustbin himself. Daddy was “almost” ready to run to garbage later to retrieve it if need be but I told him it is a 1 way direction.

Shortly it was time for bed, I went to bed with him and here came the crying episode. He was tossing and turning, then complaining that life is boring without the “tutu”. So I thought here it come, I told my hubby to talk to him and explain all over to him again. He said yes, nodded his head and tried to sleep again. And it happen for a few nights and as I wrote down, it seems he is over it but on several occasions, I still heard him grinning his teeth subconsciously..

Well, let’s see when he really grows out of it. 🙂

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