Thank You Card

 In Titus Low

On Angel Hearts, we gave out many thank you cards, however, once a while, when my own book gift is being greeted with thank you card filled with heartfelt words. It touched my heart too… She is Titus’s paediatrician for some time now already after my boy warmed up to her. Just like that, simple and straightforward. And now I know, she is a child of God too, no wonder, praise God!

It is God’s reminder of His blessing that now Titus can bless others as well in his journey. Just like that, through the show, “岛屿温度 Heart Warmers”, he knew of the existence of his 3 angel brothers… Just when me and my hubby had different opinions on when and how to break the news to him, now he knew it in this way, this format. These few days, he had been asking about the names of his brothers, I showed him the photos, books and etc. He seems to understand and yet didn’t. Now as the days go by, bit by bit, I will share with him the little stories of their lives. The short live lives that they had but forever in him.

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