June – Challenging Month..

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It has been quite a while since I last blog, reason being I have been rather busy in the month of june. In and out or desk bound to do my work. Still june is coming to an end, my rush for the work will have to finish off by then. So it is all coming down to a final touch, the last round of changes or final editing and etc. Being in the industry for coming 8 years now, I am still getting stress, upset by clients and continue to be amazed by how people treat one another.

Some clients treated you as an equal individual, responded politely, replied fast. Some clients treated you like their slaves, expect you to respond and deliver fast but they take forever to pay you. Some even worse, tried to find excuses to buy themselves out of situation when they sign on the dotted line. Does that mean in order for them to make money, they are supposed to exploit on us to deliver without getting paid? It may sound ridiculous but what can we do? Clients always say we have more jobs coming for you, we want to work with you for long terms. Ya, right, long terms with 1 job for you in a few years? Or rush jobs with tight or low budget forcing us to accept and deliver? I only know what goes around come around. The way you treat your supplier or vendor is the same way your clients will treat you. No offence though but at least that is what I believe and continue to believe in. So all the best to you and who know what might happen…

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