Our Extended Family

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After married for more than 3 years, guess what? Our extended family.

Extended Family

From the left – Xiao Ma, Horse Mini, Tiger Mini, Tiny Horse.
Tiny Tiger is lost… and of all the names, I only named the first one so guess who is the creative one here? 😉

It all started with…


By the way, this is no ordinary “ty”. It is a 10 years series limited edition.
The original name of the horsie is “Marshall” and the tiger is “Rumba”.

P.S   To think that someone says it looks like “Cat & Dog”?

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  • Rui Shan

    Xiao ma looks so huge beside e rest! Your extended family, indeed… *LMAO take care, let’s go swimming again after both of us are kinda more freed from our work/study commitments ;p

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