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Today is a rainy day, in fact, it’s has been raining all day. Makes one feel lazy, sleepy? For me, feeling sentimental…

I like the rain, wash away the dirt, things clear up after a big heavy rain. For some people, it might be a start of a big mess, for me, I like to think of it as a new start, a new beginning.

I like to eat ice-cream on cold weather like this, to add some challenges into life or trying to be funny. I will say I prefer cold weather than hot though.

I went to KTV a few days ago with my good friends. We had spent some good hours there laughing and singing. Never mind the fact if we are out of tune, tempo or whatsoever, just enjoying each other company.

Thinking back, also reminds me of how I first got to know my hubby, he sent me a song from 張信哲 by the name of “愛如潮水”. Attached is the song lyrics to sing along.

Jeff Song

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