Devotion or Crazy?

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Tonight, my hubby is on night shift so I will be sleeping alone. Somehow or rather when never he is not around, I always feel very insecure for no reason to anyhow though. Friends who know me before they know my hubby will know that I am quite an independant person. However, friends who know me through my hubby will think that I am very dependent of him. Always ask him this and that, who can’t seems to make up my mind. What is the reason for this big difference? I ask myself a few times too.

From young, my sister and I are trained to be very independent in regards to all matters. Yes, I mean it, all matters. From work, personal, health, well-being, even you are sick, you will go and see the doctor yourself. This is also why my sister and I got very close because we will help each other and bring each other to see doctor instead or our parents. Then again, when we are younger, we are not close at all or to say we are always quarrelling. Things changed some how, when we grow older, we realise family ties is what bind us.

Having said that, over 20+ years of independent against less than 3 years of marriage life? What happened? Think I started to understand why mother always like to say when you are mother then you will understand. Cos something will really changed or happened only when you are there and then. You will really feel it for yourself and do what you need to do. So for some people who say no they will not do this or that, at times is because they are not at that stage yet or in that scenario to feel it. Something to ponder? Or you share the same feelings as me? Cared to share? 

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