Obstacles – That’s for you to overcome not be overcome

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Recently, I have been chatting with my old friend of mine, who is complaining about her work with lots of new ruling, obstacles and etc. It can be overwhelming at times, when work can be pressurising, frustrating, not moving, draggy and etc. However, how difficult can it be? As compared, to other people out there? Who may not have a childhood to speak of, may not have all 4 limbs, not even a decent house to stay? We are just seeking a life, a proper living from our work but to others, the basic necessity is a challenge to start with.

However, when I am just looking at Celine Dion DVD – A New Day (2007). You will be amazed with how these people do it. She is graceful and appreciatively to everyone. Unlike us here in Asia, we have to shout, be rude to people to ask them to be on time, to do what they should be doing of.  On the other part of the world, people are doing what they should be doing and even more, giving… She built a stage for herself from nothing, pulling in massive amount of money, time, people, connections and etc. Of course, you may be arguing to say she is Celine Dion, of course, she can do that, however with a big name come with a big price too. They are auditioning dancers who don’t even know who are they dancing for, just trying to perform their best to be selected to start with. Then you can say, is show business, yes, you are right. However, it is because the fact that it is show business, things can run and flourish or just flop the next minute. Just a word, no show and dancers are no longer required anymore. Then again, did it strike you to think, this “show business” is where their life passion is, where they live, breathe together as a group. There is this saying, to go fast, go alone, to go far, go with a group. So you can inspire one another and push each other when needed. It is never easy but is a life experience anyone can ask for. Getting back, you realise in every industry or work that you have, there are bound to be obstacles, challenges ahead. Boss cutting your budget, required work to be done faster in an even higher efficiency rate. Some people’s work are about life and death, to some, every minute come with an expensive price. At the end, what pull it off?

Passion, determination, perseverance and nothing else. So the question now is, are you in the industry that you are madly in love with? Else, nothing matters, because you won’t overcome obstacles, however they will overcome you…

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