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Ok, I have tried, stopped and tried. Now I have decided, this year, it will be the one and only focus – Exercise. To take care of myself since I have taken up some facial package, no point I only look nice on the face but not as a whole… Hehe :p Friends out there, please help me and do include me in your exercising rounds. Haha 🙂

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  • 83

    Will only help remind u to eat less carbo when we are having meals together.. but u not a big eater too to begin with… keke

  • Ang

    @ 83: Unfortunately, her metabolism rate is not high either.

    @ Bow: You just need to move your lazy bones on every Sun morning and go cycle with me @ East Coast Park. Come on! You can sleep later on the other 6 days…

  • 83

    @ Bow’s Ang : agreed w u totally!!! great way to work out and w ur fav partner too!!!

    @22 : U got so lazy one meh??

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