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Recently, my car has been down with a few issues. First, the speakers died on me, after only about 1 year. So my hubby and I had to sit for over 2 hours or so to wait for the mechanics to fix in a new set of car audio. 1 thing about the car is that, you tried not to rush them because else they do a screw up job for you. They had to remove my passenger seat as well to faciliate an eaiser in and out path in order to fix the speakers. Finally all went well, and we are left to enjoy my new car stereo.

However, sweet times passed faster than you can imagine. Just saturday, I fix my car speakers, on tuesday (22/3/2011), I had a car accident. A taxi banged onto my car at CTE. The car in front of me braked and I did so, apparently, the taxi behind didn’t manage to stop in time. Didn’t want to talk about more details, so my car went in for repairs for a week… During the “no car” period, my taxi fare amounted more than $100 in total. It make me to wonder, how reliance I am to my car. Thought it is an unfeeling vehicle, but we are often attached to it as a emotion animal within.

My Car


After the car came back, there is this irritating vibrating or ticking sound that I can’t ignore, so I have to bring it back to workshop on thursday. Still the problem persisted, so I am suppose to send it yet again on this saturday. Instead a change of plan, I end up at millenia walk. There, another problem occured.

My tyre punctured, how unlucky! Thankfully, my hubby is with me to help pump some air back quickly for us to go and fix the problem immediately. We went straight to fix and saw a cut of about 2 cm long. Most times, it is just a thumb tack or a round circle mark, this time is a cut, despite unlikely to have a quick fix. The technician manage to seal the cut and to further monitor again.

Sigh, hopefully, all goes well now for my 1 year 4 months car… So sad…

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  • Huimin

    Take it as your life experiences la. *pat pat*

  • Felicia

    Thanks, now my car up and running again… 🙂

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