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These few days I have been popping in and out of hospital but for a good cause. My younger sister had just delivered and our family are all here taking shift to stay with her and to help around if need to. I was reminded when I was warded, this is what my family did as well. Suddenly there is no free time, the minute you are available, you go straight to hospital to help out to relieve others so they can have their rest too.

Today I have seen my sister struggling to get from the wheelchair to the bed. It seemed like such a mission impossible. She hurt her wound in the process and cried in pain. Seeing her cried, my tears rolled too. Despite we were never close when we were young, however we definitly grew closer as we age. How strange, also due to the 3 years apart, we are quite different in terms of character, personality and etc. Then again, certain thing put us on the same level, same frequency. That’s how strangely we are connected. Somewhat different yet somehow similar…

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