New Baby Playpen – Latido P535 Classic

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Finally, we bought the new playpen to welcome our upcoming new member. So happy and yesterday my hubby was trying to assemble the playpen to make sure everything worked well. Only to realise, our new daddy had a hard time trying to do so, he was complaining the lack of detailed instructions and even commented it take a PhD to assemble it. Hehe. Looked like our new daddy needed more training…

Internal Size : 28″ (W) x 41″ (L)

Full Bassinet, Toys Bag, Mosquito Net, Side Opening, Changing Table, and Convenient Shelves

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  • Da Hu

    No amount of training will be sufficient for poorly documented instruction manual.
    If not for my years of engineering training + strong common sense, we would probably be making a trip back to the shop and demand a refund…

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