16th Week – 4th Month

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Finally a milestone achieved! Time may seems to fly for others but to me, time ticks very slowly. Maybe I am just waiting anxiously for my baby’s little steps, to feel the movement, to see the baby physically and etc. However, right now what I had just passed though are fatigue, tiredness, low energy level, heartburn, low efficiency, low productive level and etc. Though I am not having the severe effect of morning sickness, however is the little little things that get you down, bring your morale down and etc. Still I have been told by a lot of people that it is all worth it and I do firmly believe so as well…

Not to get me down too much, I tried to get my mind out of the negative stuffs and bring in positive things. So I read up on motherhood, business related stuffs and etc. Of course, occasionally talk to my baby though I am not sure can he or she hear me… Still maybe can hear some sounds or vibration of mummy. Hehe. E:p

Getting pass the 1st trimeter is no easy feat too. Coz we have always been told by doctor to watch out for symptoms and I always have this weird feeling that all this is not real and my baby might disappear. Maybe I am just being paranoid or I can’t believe finally all this is happening to me now. Likewise for both my family and my hubby’s family as well. They are also getting used and adjust to my new current pace now where I can’t move too fast, talk loudly and etc..

So it take both sides to adjust, not to mentioned, even my hubby is trying to adjust to my lifestyle now..I am always hungry or not hungry that I can’t tell which is which, I am always sleepy after meals that I need to go back almost immediately to nap for even 30 or 60 minutes or so. Therefore it is like rushing to eat and rush back to sleep thereafter. I am always in between sleep and hungry that I can’t decide which is which. Though if it is only myself, I will choose sleep over food however my baby seems to choose otherwise and I am force to find food which is definitely not my past time before. Not to mention my hubby is my official bodyguard and health diet nutritionist now. He has to make sure no running kids or people come knocking or tripping me unknowingly. Also, at the same time taking care of my diet that I don’t take too sweet stuffs or any forbidden food which I do develop a carving for sweet food. Not just him, my parents in laws, my parents and even my younger sister are all giving me a list of forbidden food. Can you imagine that? However, I do know I am blessed to have all these people caring for me.

Not just them, it goes all the way to my friends and even my neighbours who asked about my well being on and off when they see me. Though it is a small gesture but I am grateful as well. Also thankful to friends who are already mummies that are eagerly waiting to donate their kids’ stuffs to me. They are already telling me if I need anything or advice, just call them, so sweet!! So what can I say. Baby, you are so fortunate with some many people loving you already. 🙂

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  • Shan

    🙂 yes, we all love you and the baby, we can’t wait for his/her arrival~! I’m gonna be a 堂姑? omg lol! jiayou jie! we’re all behind you in every ways possible! *hugs*

  • Shan

    *every way

  • Da Hu

    You should be a ‘Watch Mushroom’, not ‘Sugar Mushroom’.

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