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Life is full of surprises. As I entered into a next stage of life – pregnancy. I am faced with different challenges and among them are many of my first tries, first experiences and etc. In my first trimester, I can hardly finish 2 slices of bread for breakfast. Now into my 2nd trimester, my appetite is definitely growing, however so does my family…I bought 2 buns thinking 1 is for breakfast and another for tea break thereafter. Only to realise someone else in the family has eaten before I do. Just this morning, I am awoke from hunger at 5.30am searching for food only to realise my muffin is again being eaten by someone else. 1 pregnant woman in the household seems to be 3 hungry people. My mother in law squeeze fresh orange juice for me from 5 oranges. However, I have only 1 glass of it. Why? The rest is yet drunk by someone else before I can have another glass of it. Till date, I have not put on weight yet, but only gain back what I have lost from my first trimester. But, I can’t say the same for my family members. They are definitely putting on more weight than I do…

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