National Day is coming…

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National Day is coming, how do you feel? I don’t use to feel much past years except this time round though. Maybe because times are bad now and the economic is fragile. Why do I say that? At critical times, it is where you see the people’s true faces. Those who left you, those who stayed behind to support you. Those who are still committed in their work and passion or just change course when things do not happen the way they wanted it. “I am blessed”, that is what a lady told me yesterday. Yes, she is a christian, however on reflecting back, how many of us are counting on our blessing rather than our misfortunes. Aren’t we glad that at least we are safe here in Singapore unlike other countries who are facing bombing attacks, the fear of losing your homes to natural disasters anytime? 

Here in Singapore, at least, we are safe, we can concentrate on our work, business, family and etc. Unlike other countries, where even a simple meal might be a concern, so shall we focus more time and effort to work on improving things rather than complaining?Lastly to say, I am glad that I am a Singaporean…!

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