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Dreams, just how often do you have dreams while you sleep? What are the dreams about? Any ideas what do they means? I always dream of myself falling from a building and woke up in fear at times. There are also several occasions that I woke up in cold sweat too leaving the rest of the day uncertain and insecure. I tend to be a worrisome gal always worrying for things though at times I know I need not worry and things will turn out fine but still… People always say dreams are the reflection of your real life, the opposite of what it should be. A channel for healing or your sub-conscious mind trying to tell you something or some answers. However, I wonder how frequent should you have dreams to be considered normal? On a daily basis or a few dreams in a week? Just how many is normal? Strange… the wonders of brain and we barely even used more than 10%?

There are also funny dreams where I dreamt of being chased by people and friends coming to my rescue. I even called them up the next day to thank them though it is only a dream. I take the opportunity to catch up with my friends for a short conversation as well. How about you? What are your dreams? Care to share?

I am searching for some answers to my dreams when I found this interesting website that does dream interpretations. I have posted mine for a shot on free interpretation. How about you? Dared to find out the answer to solving your problems or are you still avoiding it? :p

Source: http://dreaminterpretation.com/

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