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Me and my hubby have been shopping around for the past 2 weeks for a big purchase? Or is it? Well, to me it is. To buy a car for myself, a 3rd car in the household if you factor in my father in law’s car. This only means this car is for me, not for the household, need not ferry the family for meals and etc. However, this also means it is a “I LIKE” factor which is also the start of a possible chaos? Why do I say that? For me to buy a few thousands dollars item will probably take me days or months to decide. So to buy a car, you can imagine the time factor, let alone the COE and insurance which is starting to climb up the ladders. We started from Honda Jazz 1.5 to Fit 1.5, that is what I wanted initially, no second thoughts. Then again, the price is what my hubby can’t agree to part with the money willingly as well. So this started our car search…

Mitsubishi i
Our 1st initial consideration… with “Ocean Blue” colour. :p

What I want for a car? Simple, a blue small car but not Korea or China made preferred. Sounded simple enough but to look nice on the exterior and interior is not easy. To have the “nice nice” accessories isn’t easy either. We went to see Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Mazda 3, we even seen the Mercedes Benz A class and B class. Basically, we combed though the entire “Leng Kee” area already. The verdict? Still nothing that give us a good balance of the car, money and the size. It need to please my hubby with the technical specs, please me with the looks and accessories is not making things any easy.

Suzuki Swift
Our 2nd consideration…Website:

We went to see Suzuki Swift last saturday with my family. We are quite pleased with the overall performance and went back to calculate the sums, thinking at the back of our mind, this should be it. However, yesterday, I decided I should go and take a look on Fit 1.3 model despite I refused to consider that initially coz I dislike the interior. However, comparing on the money factor, the Swift is also being compared against Fit 1.3 model on the magazine. So I decided to take a final look at the 1.3 model before I decide which is the final option. So we went to Automobile Megamart @ Ubi yesterday. I found a Fit and Swift parking side by side for me to direct compare. The verdict, I still prefer Fit though Swift comes with the Body Kit which is what I liked as well though. With that in mind, we checked out the price for almost all the shops for the Fit 1.3 model that we can find till….

Honda Jazz
Our 3rd consideration…Website:

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